Tips and Tricks to get better SEO Rankings

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Tips and Tricks to get better SEO Rankings

We’ve recently noticed some obstacles that always come up when trying to better SEO rankings. Here are a few tips and tricks that can hopefully help you overcome some of these obstacles.

5 TIps for better SEO Rankings

Keep An Eye on How You Rank

Track your rankings! There are many rank tracking tools out there that you can use to track you stack up against competitors. Measure how you’re doing and know where you stand at all times using these tools.

Allow the Links Some Time to Set In

Google can sometimes take some time to make changes visible. Be patient! A study conducted recently showed that Google can take upwards of 10 weeks to make changes to link positions found on a SERP. It may not always take this long, but give it some time!

Update Your On-Site Optimization

Keep up to date with your on-site optimization by making sure that whatever keywords appear in your title are an exact match for the keywords that are top ranking on search engine response pages.

Fixing Keyword Density

Something that has recently surfaced is fixing the density in your keywords. Google is now anti-optimization and will recognize when your keywords are too dense. For instance if you have a certain keyword in your URL, your title, header tag, and your description, Google will pick up on this and may completely leave you out of the SERPs. In this case study we can see how after adding high keyword density, the site was completely out of the rankings. After the content with high density was removed, it was suddenly added back. So how can we get around this?

Keyword Density & SEO Rankings

The Answer: Switch words out and keep it fresh!

So here is an example of how this might work: If you are trying to rank something like “Dallas TX nice neighborhoods,” make sure you don’t put that everywhere, replace some instances with keywords like: “Dallas Texas nice neighborhoods,” “Dallas best places to live,” or “Dallas nice homes.” A good thing to keep in mind is that Google is also able to figure out synonyms, so using similar words will give you a better chance to rank higher.

Don’t over-optimize your backlink profile

We cannot stress enough that over-optimizing your backlink profiles is a big NOPE! Having a too many exact match anchors is not a good thing, instead, you need to figure out you anchor text percentage.

Solution: Have A Lot of Non-Optimized Links

A great solution is to just have MANY links that are non-optimized, this way when you begin to build your exact match anchors and variations, you don’t have to worry about receiving a penguin penalty. Once you receive a penguin penalty, you will be moved lower in the rankings. By building many non-optimized links, you’ll be giving your site a bit of a buffer. Registering a lot of social profiles is a good way to do this; they link back to your website, and the links will all be non-optimized. There are websites out there built specifically for this such as, – a site that will create hundreds non-optimized anchors from natural sites for a very low cost. Now, keep in mind that these links won’t directly rank you, but they will protect you from receiving a penguin penalty.

Keep track of all these little things, and you’ll always be one step ahead of your competitors.


If you make sure you’re good on these issues, then there’s no doubt you’ll be ahead of your competition!

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