How to master On-Page SEO – Part 3 of 3 SEO Content

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How to master On-Page SEO – Part 3 of 3


User-Friendly, Authoritative Content

Once Google crawls/scans your page, their primary focus is to match the user’s intent. The better results that come from the search, the more likely users will continue to use their search engine and in turn continue to make them money.

The internet is now saturated with low-quality content so it’s important that you provide value. CONTENT is KING and the better quality content you have, the more likely it will rank.

I like to tell my clients when brainstorming for content ideas to think of questions that your customers might have and provide detailed answers. If you can provide value upfront before working with them, than you are more likely to convert

Entertain.Educate.Execute-  A Motto from the great

Be unique and tell a story.

Educate your audience and become the authority.

Execute on the conversion with CTAs or Contact Forms

Everything goes hand in hand when you are able to keep traffic on your page and maintain high click-through rates.

If your content sucks and people don’t stay on your site then google will know and push you to the bottom.

Keyword Targeted Content

Keywords are the meat and potatoes of your SEO Campaigns. Build your content strategies around the keywords that you want to rank for.  If you aren’t sure what to rank for, then ask yourself this: How do I want people to find me?

If I am a divorce attorney, maybe I write about steps to take before filing or how to help kids of divorced parents cope with the events.   

If I am a Tow Truck Driver- Tips for vehicle maintenance and what to do when you get a flat or proper ways to check tire tread.

Think about common question threads that you find your customers continually asking and answer them.

Be Strategic with your writing, don’t just doodle what is on your mind… Unless that is what you are in the business of… Doodling 😉

Write Content that will generate Clicks.  Then Convert those clicks into customers. Bring value to the table before interaction and you will likely have more conversions.

Optimize Your Images

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS!!!!!!! Update your image alt-tag.  Search engines do not see images like we do and rely on alt-text to understand what the image is. Do not stuff the Alt-Tag with BS or you will be put in google time-out.

Keep the alt-tags relevant and think about what happens if the image doesn’t load, what do you want your user to see??


Mobile Responsive

Go Here to Test your Site:


Just like content is king, so is mobile.  Everybody has a smartphone and the traffic numbers confirm that.  If your site is not mobile-friendly, then go ahead and just give up because google has disowned you… and so have I…


Make sure the site is responsive to different screen sizes… in other words, if you have to zoom in or out to read things then you likely have a non-mobile friendly site.  


Site Speed

In today’s age of technology, we want everything now!!!!  If your site is slow…. Than this will definitely hurt your rankings. Google is all about user experience and slow sites are bad for user experience.


There are plenty of sites that test Speed, Here are a few:

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