How to Master On-Page SEO Part 2 of 3

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Headings and URL Strings

Today we will talk about the importance of Headings and URL strings and how they affect your On-Page SEO Ranking and Relevancy.

Heading Tags

Your landing page or blog should include multiple heading tags, from the h1 down to a potential h6. The most important is the h1. You should never have more than one h1 tag on any page. Include multiple h2’s or h3’s as users scroll down the page. These are used as subheadings.

Use the headings to guide users down the page and represent the different sections. You’ll notice the impact from both an SEO standpoint and a readability standpoint.

SEO Factors- Relevance!!

From an SEO Standpoint, complementing the title of the page with the words used in your heading tags should provide users with some relevance of what the page is about. This is important because this is how the Search Engine Algorithms determine relevancy.

Your headings should be used to structure outline the page. Make sure the heading matches the content.

Your primary targeted keyword of the page should be included somewhere in your <h1> tag. Never skip the h1 on a page, because it lets both google and your visitors understand the content . WordPress blogs automatically include the title of the blog post as an h1, so if you’re not using WordPress, you might want to jump on the bandwagon. Always check  the HTML code of the page to ensure the h1 tag is present.

When it comes to headings, never  stuff unnecessary keywords in the tags.

Always keep your H1 tags unique for every page. Duplicating them can have harmful effects on your SEO as Google won’t know which page to rank for a query containing that heading.

I recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress. It helps you understand how strong your on page is and even gives you helpful tips on how to get it on point.

Usability Factors

Always keep in mind that users, for the most part are not reading the entire page. They’re skimming quickly through the page, looking for a section that answers their questions or provides value.

Headings and subheadings split the page up , optimize the readability of your site and make the content flow/look better. They help with user navigation and breaking topics up. If you need to break down a topic even further, us your <h3> tag and so on. Always keep your readers in mind when creating heading tags. Never over optimize the headlines as it will cause an increased Bounce Rate which tells google your user experience is bad.

URL Strings

When discussing writing URL strings, they need be short, and to the point.

Here is How we create perfect URL strings:

an Ahrefs case study found that shorter URLs tend to rank better. The study looked at the length of the URL and a number of folders. They counted each root domain as one folder, and each backslash after the root as another folder.

  • (Folders = 1)
  • (Folders = 2)
  • (Folders = 3)

The report concluded that URLs with fewer folders tended to rank better, as well.

I always write my URL strings with short to the point titles and hyphens in between words.


set up a 301 redirect or canonicalization tag (rel=canonical) to the stronger page when you have two pages displaying close to  the same content or information. This will help you avoid duplicate content penalties and let google know which page to rank.

Always keep your URLS short! They are easier to embed and help with your user experience. You want your readers to quickly identify the topic of  your page  without seeing a whole bunch of other crap that is useless.

Utilize your primary keyword in the URL ( Yoast SEO Plugin will help you with this) . Don’t leave your visitors left wondering what’s on the page before they click. After all, this is part of the first impression before the user ever gets to your site so you need to make sure it is a good one.

Next Week I will be Discussing Content and How to Create User-Friendly, Authoritative Content that Provides Value and helps you rank.


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