Software, Conversions, and Door to Door Sales

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Software that makes my life easier:



Awesome Software for password management, ditch the old notepad in the bottom drawer.


AppSumo: The Store For Entrepreneurs
Deals for entrepreneurs, free tools available as well. ¬†I recommend Sumo, awesome for data ūüėČ HERE-:

Peaceout pointless email exchange playing schedule tag.



“Creative software for the not so creative”-This Guy.


Shopify-Click HERE:

E-commerce Platform, Unicorn, Opportunity.


20% off Hosting chomp chomp

Website Conversions


Above the Fold Content:

This is the first thing the potential customer will see when hitting your site. Make sure all CTAs ( Call To Action) are clear and visible. Make it easy, solve the problem, make an offer. Here is a resource with Googles PageSpeed Insights Guidelines (Rule #1 of Fight Club, Always follow googles guidelines for “optimal” results)¬†

Split Testing

2 Sets of data are better than¬†1, 4 is better than 2, etc….¬†The data never lies, make decisions this way and your ROI will increase. Change and test everything until you find that one combination that makes you 5 bucks when you spend one.


Yes I am yelling because you should be ignoring this.

PageSpeed Insights

Nobody likes slow websites. Check your speed Here:

Google Analytics

DATA DATA DATA DATA DATA- KNOW YOUR DATA- numbers do not lie, optimize your site based on your data analytics and you will see a much higher return on investment.


Digital Door to Door Sales

Ecommerce Digital RevolutionE-commerce Revolution

Everyone is carrying a door with them, its called their cell phone. ¬†Now with the proper combination of relevant offer and audience, you can make door to door sales. You can reach people across the world while sitting in your underwear drinking coffee. ¬†Building an e-commerce business is now possible for the average Joe because you can pay for relevant traffic. ¬†Before you had to have branding, manufacturing, products, warehouses, etc… to build a global business. ¬†Now- Just an internet connection and a couple hundred bucks a month.


Social Media Marketing

Everybody puts everything about themselves on social media, and that makes me happy. Why? Because Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc,   let me use that data to get my offers in front of ideal buyers.  Picture this: I sell Giraffe Neclaces, Guess who buys Giraffe Neclaces?  People that Freaking like Giraffes.


Guess how many people like giraffes?:15-20k People Like Giraffes on Facebook, So if I make 1% Conversion on a $10 profit necklace (200 Sales)= $2000- Imagine what happens when I study my data and get that conversion up to say 5%….¬† ¬†Oh, and guess whats coming after the Necklace offer? ¬†Shirt, rug, mousepad, etc… you get the drift

Click on the picture to view the data

Giraffe Audience Facebook













Facebook Ads Workshop

I will be holding 2 Facebook Ads workshops going over these:

Properly Setting up Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Pixel and How it Works

Audience Insights and How to Find your Next Customer

Campaign Creation- How to build Ads from Copy to Creative

Campaign Management- How to get the best ROI & what stats to look at



E-Commerce Boot Camp

This is not a get rich quick type of course, as with anything this takes a commitment of time and money.

This class I will help you build an E-commerce website and show you what to do to make it profitable.

We will start at square one and will finish with you running ads on Facebook and Instagram to get your first sale.  Food and an Awesome time will be provided.


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