The Top 4 Tips for Local SEO in 2016

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Do you have a company that tends to local customers? Local SEO falls under the umbrella of search engine optimization and it is crucial for the success of your business, because it is what is used so that you are found by people in your surrounding area.

Top 4 Local SEO Tips

Nowadays, B2B and B2C consumers depend on the Internet to get information needed to make informed business decisions. Knowing that you are tuned in with your local SEO plan is important because search engines like Google, are no longer just “tech giants” that provide information. Instead, they play a role in the digital economy and are a tool virtually everyone turns to before putting down some money on a product or service.      


  1. You Need to Be Mobile Friendly
    This is no longer an option! Smartphone and mobile device searches have surpassed desktop and laptop searches globally. Google will now rank your website based on how mobile friendly it is. Having a very mobile friendly website will attract more users, which in turn will bring your company more revenue, and can give your clients a great experience when they visit. Inviting your clients to visit your website by offering special promotions is a great way to keep them coming back. Your number one goal this year should be to create a mobile website that will provide your clients with the best experience.
  2. Voice Searching.
    The demand for voice search is constantly growing. People love to use this feature because they find it a lot more convenient to speak into their phones when searching for a local business, product, or service. When people are busy doing tasks that require a lot of attention, such as driving a car, voice searching is the feature used, instead of being typed into the search bar. All of this means that your business now need to optimize your site by changing keywords to phrases that people would say into their phone. Proper tweaking and optimization will ensure that you reel in the customers that use this feature.
  3. Direct Data Matters for Local SEO.
    “Direct data” is on the rise in the search engine results pages (SERPs), meaning that your company needs to give very detailed information about the product or service you provide. Direct data are the small bits of information that show up with business listings when a search is made. If you own a restaurant, for example, giving important information like phone number, location, and menu options will give you a better chance to appear in a higher slot on the SERPs.
  4. Good Local SEO Means a Great Customer Experience.
    All in all, the experience the customer undergoes will be the deciding factor on whether a potential client chooses to do business with your company. It’s impossible to control every move a salesperson in your company does, but it is very possible to be in full control of the experience your customers have interacting with your website. According to blog by, within the next few years, nearly 90% of business will be competing based only on the customer experience they provide. Another prediction, suggests that by the end of this decade, 85% of customer-company relationships will happen without any human interaction involved. Who you are online, and how you market yourself needs to stand out amongst companies you compete with to ensure locked in success for your company.

How To Improve Local SEO

This year, local SEO is going to target mobile marketing more than ever. Younger customers have the highest likelihood of shopping online, but you can’t forget about the older customers. They are slowly adapting to the increase of technology and are adopting online shopping too. According to a 2014 Google study, 50% of customers that walk into a store ran a local search earlier that day. Google has really pushed for business to become mobile friendly, so much so that they provide a free tool to see how ready a business is for the mobile users.

A good starting point is identifying your weak spots, which may require some outside technical help to get it all straightened out. Once this is done, you will want to get started on your SEO campaign, which you can handle yourself, or hire an SEO pro to give you the best paths for success. Whichever you choose, one thing is for sure – you can no longer ignore the importance of Google search or the impact it can have on your business.

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